Winterize Your Summer ‘Toys’

Keep your summer vehicles protected through the New York winter weather.

As winter approaches, it is important to make sure that your summer toys are kept in good condition through the inclement weather.

Store your summer vehicles away safely this winter with these tips:

Ensure that the brake fluid is topped off and the brake lines are clear. Before storing away, give your bike a fresh oil change and check the tire pressure. When you turn the engine on, if anything sounds off, take it in for repairs so that it is ready to go again next year!

Prepping your RV for winter should mean that there is a full tank of gas, a recent oil change, and the vital engine systems are checked, such as spark plugs. Again, check tires for pressure and worn tread. The interior of your RV should be thoroughly cleaned and windows should be checked for drafts or broken seals. In order to prevent mold damage inside your rig, a dehumidifier or desiccant crystals can be added.

Similarly to an RV, both the interior and exterior should be prepped before winter. For the exterior, check for cracks in the hull and clean off any marine life that has molded itself to your boat. If you have an inboard motor, be sure to refill it with antifreeze, and outboard motors should be flushed with fresh water. The interior of the boat should be cleaned and wiped down with some type of vinyl protectant to help it from cracking in the cold. Cover the boat and ensure that the cover extends below the water line.

Although it may seem as if insurance for a vehicle that you are not going to be using is unnecessary, it should be top priority. If someone, even if they are trespassing, is injured from your toy while it is being stored, you are responsible for liability. If you have no liability coverage, you may be forced to pay out of pocket for medical, lawsuit, or damage expenses. In addition, if a warm day comes along and you want to take the boat out, or you decide to travel over Christmas in the RV or motorcycle, you should have collision coverage.

Winterizing your toys includes proper maintenance and continuing insurance. For quality insurance coverage in Rochester, New York, visit DG&M Insurance Agency. We can provide you with resources to help you protect your toys and yourself. Contact us today!