Tips to Stay Safe While Driving Through Work Zones

Getting stuck in traffic due to roadwork can be very frustrating, especially if you are trying to make it to your destination on time. However, roadwork is a fact of life. Trying to speed through road work can not only put you in danger, but it can also put all the construction workers in danger as well. Next time you encounter orange cones on the road, keep these work zone safety tips in mind.

  • Expect the unexpected – traffic conditions can quickly change while you make your way through work zones. Be aware that a traffic lane closure, stopped or slowed traffic, or equipment on the road are all possibilities.
  • Slow it down – over 1/3 of all fatal accidents that occur in work zones are caused by speeding. Always obey the posted speed limit, even if there is no work that is currently being done while you are driving by.
  • Keep a safe following distance – rear end collisions are very common in work zones. When roadwork is being done, always keep a safe distance between your car and other cars, as well as construction equipment and crews, to help reduce your chances of being involved in an accident.
  • Obey all road signs and road crew flaggers – warning signs and flaggers are meant to help all drivers navigate safely though work zones.
  • Stay focused and alert – while you should always focus all of your attention on the road when you are driving, it is especially important in construction zones.
  • Be patient – even though roadwork can be an inconvenience, it is necessary to keep roads safe for everyone. Being a little more patient can help to ensure that you and everyone around stays safe.

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