Keeping Kids Healthy During Summer Travel

Tips For Summer Travel With Kids

A summer vacation with your family sounds like a dream come true, until you are out on the road and your kids are sick, sunburnt, or just plain tired. The good news is that there are a few things you can do to help keep your kids healthy and energized during your summer travel. Here are a few tips for ensuring your vacation does not end in illness.

  • Safeguard From The Sun: The summer is the perfect time for a family vacation, but it does bring hotter days and more sunlight hours. Protect your kids against the hot weather by ensuring they stay hydrated, regularly reapply their sunscreen, and have hydrating snacks like fresh fruit.
  • Beat The Bugs: If you plan to explore the great outdoors during your travels, you will probably encounter some pesky pests. Use an insect repellent (one with less than 10 percent of DEET will be safe for your kids and still effective) to keep them away from your kids’ fragile skin. After you head indoors, make sure to thoroughly check your children for ticks.
  • Swim Safely: Children should never swim unsupervised. Touch supervision (i.e. never being more than an arm’s reach away) is important for children who are not strong swimmers, even if they are using flotation devices. To help protect your children near the water, enroll them in formal swim lessons as soon as they are physically and mentally ready. Pediatricians support these lessons as young as age one.

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