Save Money and Stay Warm This Winter

Decrease Your Heating Costs With These Tips

Snow on Driveway leading to home

With the outside temperatures dropping, you may find yourself turning up your thermostat. While turning up the heat will keep you warm and cozy, it will also empty your wallet. Making a few small changes to your doors and windows can help to keep your home warmer so that you do not have to turn up the heat every day. Save money on your heating costs with these simple tips.

  • Clean your windowsills – sills that are full of dirt and other debris can cause your window not to seal properly. Use a dry paintbrush to clean out any small debris to create a tighter seal around all of your windows.
  • Check the weather stripping – check all of the weather stripping that is around your windows and doors. Replace any that are missing or damaged to help keep the warm air in and the cold air out.
  • Re-caulk or re-seal any problem areas – any doors or windows that are exposed to extreme sunlight during the summer may have cracks in the sealant or caulk. Re-caulk or seal any areas that have been damaged to avoid leaks and drafts.
  • Install snap-in shades – snap-in blinds help to better insulate your home for the cold.
  • Repair any damaged exterior surfaces – deteriorated or cracked wood on your windows or doors can allow cold air into your home. Replace or repair any areas that are damaged.
  • Install storm doors – storm doors act as an extra layer or protection from the cold and help to reduce the amount of air leakage into your home.

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