Prepare For Winter Storms With These Tips

rainWinter Storm Prep

Even though February is coming to an end, the cold winter weather is still hanging around, which means there is a chance of a winter storm. Being prepared for any storm is the best way to ensure that you stay safe. Keep these winter storm preparation tips in mind so that you are ready for anything that Mother Nature has in store.

  • Check your supplies – make sure your snow shovel is easily accessible to keep your walkways clear. If you have a fuel generator, keep enough heating fuel at your home. Stock up on non-perishable food and water, along with warm blankets and clothes in case you are not able to leave your home.
  • Prepare for a power outage – power outages are very common during winter storms. Turn up your heat before a storm hits, and close off any areas of your home that you do not regularly use. Make sure your pipes are properly insulated. If the power goes out, keep water trickling to ensure that your pipes do not freeze. Keep flashlights, batteries, and a hand crank radio nearby.
  • Stay warm – never use your oven to heat your home. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, make sure to use proper safety precautions, such as never leaving a fire unattended. Check all your smoke and carbon dioxide alarms to ensure that they are working properly.
  • Stay inside – do not drive on snow-covered roads unless you have to. If you do head out on the road, make sure that you have enough fuel and proper snow tires. Wear plenty of layers when you go outside to prevent frostbite. Remember to bring your pets indoors if possible, or make sure they have plenty of shelter and non-frozen water.

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