Personal Insurance

Our personal insurance products can provide you with coverage for your home, auto and recreational vehicles so you can rest at ease, knowing you have the insurance you need for life’s unexpected events. We work with dozens of leading insurance carriers from across the country, allowing us the flexibility to offer you the type and amount of coverage you need for your home and property.  All the carriers with whom we work are highly rated by Best, Standard & Poor and Moody’s, which means you can shop with confidence.

Auto Insurance

We provide car insurance for drivers of all ages and skill levels, from teens to adults. Do you have a specialty, antique or classic auto?  We offer coverage for specialty vehicles, too, including classic cars, antique cars and high-value luxury car like Rolls Royce, Porsche and Ferrari.

Because we work with leading insurance carriers from across the country, we can build a custom policy that meets your needs at a competitive price that fits any budget. At DG&M, no matter what your needs, we’ve got you covered.

Home Insurance

If it’s been awhile since you reviewed your homeowner’s insurance policy, there’s a very good chance you don’t have enough coverage for its current replacement value. That means that if your home becomes damaged, you may be left covering a lot more of the expenses than you realize. The best way to make sure your home is insured for its full value is to call us for a no-obligation evaluation. Our agents and account managers will work with you to determine if your policy is adequate, or if it’s missing important variables that could wind up leaving you financially exposed.  We will make recommendations on coverage, limits, and deductibles to enhance your protection and minimize risks to your personal wealth and safety.

We also provide coverage to protect valuables like family heirlooms, jewelry, artwork, guns and other costly collections in case of loss.

Renter? That doesn’t mean you don’t need insurance for your own personal belongings. Call us today to learn about the affordable options we offer that are specifically designed for the needs of renters.

Recreational Vehicles

Don’t let worry or fear of loss or damage keep you from enjoying your recreational activities. DG&M offers insurance for ATVs, boats, dirt bikes, jet skis and wave runners, motorcycles, motorhomes, snowmobiles, travel trailers and yachts, so you can relax and enjoy yourself, knowing DG&M is looking out for your needs.

Want to learn more about the personal insurance products we offer? Email Susan Sponable at or Mary Beth Catalano at today.  Don’t forget to ask Susan or Mary Beth about an umbrella or excess liability policy.