Landlords: Safely Rent To Dog Owners

If you want to start renting to pet owners, these five simple steps will keep you safe!

Many landlords hesitate to rent to dog owners for fear of scratched hardwood floors, antisocial barking, or a dog attack. However, statistics shows that pet owners are more likely to have a good, regular income than non-pet owners, and pet owners tend to move less frequently.

If your property is in an area where there is a lack of pet-friendly residences, then you may want to open up your residence to receive a positive influx of tenants.

Follow these simple steps to lead to you a safe and happy, dog-owner tenant!

Interview the Tenant and Pet
By meeting with the pet and owner, you can easily see how the dog reacts to unfamiliar people. You should ask questions such as how long the owner has had the dog, how old the pooch is, how many hours they are left alone each day, if there has ever been a dog bite incident, and what damage the dog has done to previous property, if any. From positive answers, you will feel more comfortable with a dog in the property.

Set Clear Policies
The lease is your opportunity to define what constitutes as damage to the property, and under what circumstances the tenant must leave the property.

Pet Owner’s Liability
Ensure that the pet owner is liable for medical expenses and costs arising from a dog attack, and that alongside these costs, they can still pay rent.

Refundable Pet Damage Deposit
It is possible to hold a refundable deposit specifically against damage caused by the pet to your property. This acts as a reminder to the owner to ensure that their pet behaves.

Landlord Liability Insurance
Take out your own coverage against liability for personal injury so that you are not left vulnerable. Ensure that you have landlord dog liability coverage before the dog and owner move on property.

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