Keeping Your Employees Safe During Construction

Having construction going on around your building can be both bothersome and dangerous. Although there is nothing you can do to avoid construction, it is important to make sure that your employees and building stay safe from any problems that are connected with the construction. Keep these tips in mind to ensure that there are no problems associated with the construction.

While your employees are driving to work, make sure that they:

  • Obey all warning signs. Make sure that your employees know to pay attention and look for any changed traffic conditions, such as workers directing traffic or changed road conditions.
  • Pay attention. While it is always dangerous to be on your phone while you are behind the wheel, it is especially dangerous in construction zones. Make sure that your employees know to dedicate all of their attention to the road while getting to work through a construction zone.
  • Be patient. A normal commute will typically take longer if traveling through a construction zone. Make sure to notify your employees before construction starts so that they can plan accordingly.

There are also many things that you can do in the office to help keep your employees safe during construction, including:

  • Do not schedule any early morning meetings. If your employees are not rushed to get to work in the morning, they can focus on driving safely through construction areas.
  • Encourage your employees to report any unsafe work areas. This will allow you to notify the construction company to get the problem fixed.
  • Get to work earlier than usual. Arriving before your employees will allow you to make sure that the office is safe and there are no hazards.
  • Have the right insurance. Investing in the right insurance policies, such as worker’s compensation, can ensure that you employees are protected from any problems that are associated with the construction.

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