Is Your Business Protected From Freezing Winter Weather?

Tips to Prevent Sprinkler System Freeze Ups

Cold weather can cause serious issues for businesses. As the temperatures continue to drop, automatic sprinkler system pipes can easily freeze up, causing severe water damage. If a fire happens in the building while the sprinkler system is damaged, it can lead to even more damage. Keep these tips in mind to keep the sprinkler system in your business working properly.

  • Inspect all of the structural components of your building to make sure that there are no problem areas. Any wall cracks or broken windows should be repaired as soon as possible to help prevent any drafts.
  • Any areas that have wet pipes should always be kept at or above 40 degrees to help prevent the pipes from freezing.
  • All concealed areas where sprinkler systems have been installed, such as the areas above ceilings and attics, should be adequately heated.
  • Even though dry pipe systems are much less likely to freeze up, the proper precautions should still be taken to ensure that they are prepared for the cold winter weather.
  • All fire pumps should be kept in heated rooms and tested periodically. Any suction that is taken from open water should have lines that are below the frost level. Intake screens should always be kept clear of snow and ice.
  • Check all gravity tanks for overflows and leaks. If overflowing or leaking water freezes, it could lead to extreme structural damage and cause the tank to collapse.
  • All piping for outdoor watering systems should be buried below the frost level. Any piping that is exposed to freezing temperatures should be heated or properly insulated.

Having the right business insurance is the best way to ensure that your company is protected from the freezing temperatures.  Contact the insurance professionals at DG&M Agency in Rochester, New York for all of your commercial insurance coverage needs.