Is New Home Technology For You?

Home Technology Statistics

New home technology is working to make life easier each day. Almost half of all homeowners report that when looking for their next house, they look for smart home technology to already be installed. While the major reason they are looking for new technologies in their next house is to make their own life easier, they also see it as a benefit when they sell their home.

With all the new technology that is available, it is important to remember that it comes at a price. So who is installing these new smart home systems in their house? Take a look at these statistics gathered by HGTV and ERA Real Estate to see if new home technology is the right move at your house.

  • Over 45 of all consumers think that it is important to have their home equipped with the newest smart home technologies.
  • Over 50 percent of homeowners would consider installing smart home technology into their current house to make it more appealing to future home buyers.
  • People of the Millennial generation are 10 times more likely than generation Xers to consider updating their home with new technology.
  • Almost all Millennials, 7 out of 10, believe that it is important that any smart home technologies that they have are integrated with the smartphone.
  • People of the baby boomer generation are the most likely to have a security system installed in the house than any other age group.
  • Half of all Millennials have energy management technology installed in their homes compared to only 1/3 of all Baby Boomers and Generation Xers.

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