Construction Safety Matters

One of the top injuries on constructions sites have to deal with falling objects and falls. OSHA cites injuries from falls as one of its top 10 worksite injuries.  Make sure you are following these safety tips to ensure you are not liable for any injuries that occur at the construction site.

  • Any holes in the ground are properly covered with a cover that can support two times the weight of the workers on the job, or any heavy tools that may be placed on them.
  • Fall prevention systems, such as guardrails, are in use, rather than protection systems, such as fall arrest devices or safety nets.
  • All portable ladders are place in a way that side rails extend at least three feet above the landing where they are sitting.
  • All side rails are secured at the top to a rigid support. Also make sure that there are grab devices available when a three foot extension is not possible.
  • All ladders are regularly inspected for broken, cracked, or defective parts. Any ladders that are defective should be marked and thrown away.
  • All ladders comply with OSHA standards, and are properly used.
  • Excess weight should never be applied to a ladder to make sure that they will not break while in use.

Along with making sure that all construction workers on site are following safe practices, it is also important to make sure that your  insurance coverage provides  protection in case of an accident. For the most comprehensive  insurance coverage, contact DG&M Agency in Rochester, New York.