Securing Your Business Data

How To Protect Your Business’s Sensitive Information

In our digital age, there are more and more opportunities to easily collect and store data. That is great news for businesses, as it means capturing leads, making connecting with clients easier, and enables storing information without the use of excessive office space and filing cabinets. Unfortunately, it also brings a higher risk for a data breach.

In fact, 55 percent of surveyed small businesses recently responded saying they believe that have experienced a breach in their companies. Fortunately, you can do a few things to protect your data and your business. Here is a quick look at a data safety guide.

  • Check Your Security Technology: It might require a financial investment, but ensuring your business has sound security technology is well worth it. Trust us, you will be avoiding heavy penalties and resulting expenses from a breach and, by comparison, the cost of your security technology will seem minimal!
  • Train Your Team: One of the worst ways to lose data is via the carelessness of an employee. Make sure this does not happen by teaching your employees about phishing scams, showing them how to set secure passwords, and making sure any data that needs to be disposed only travels secure channels.
  • Be Thoughtful: You might be collecting some data you simply do not need, increasing your business’s liability. Look at your data collection system and make sure you are only capturing the information your business will actually use.
  • Secure Your Devices: Make sure any mobile devices that will store sensitive data are secured with passwords or keylock codes, at the very least. Also, install a tracking system so you can easily find them should they become lost.

On top of these efforts, it is important that you carry the right business insurance to protect your company against these modern risks. Contact DG&M Agency in Rochester to learn about the right New York coverage for your business.