3 Common Insurance Gaps


Shed some light on upon your insurance gaps.

By understanding your coverage in your policies, you are able to deduce where you are lacking in coverage. It is best to know what protection you are missing so that you are able to focus on acquiring full coverage for all of your assets.

Below are the 3 most common insurance gaps:

  • Valuable Items
    Homeowners policies often have restrictive coverage for valuables. This includes internal limits on jewelry, collectibles, art, expensive sporting equipment, antiques musical instruments, and more. You are able to either add coverage through your existing policy, or purchase a new policy which includes the valuable items.
  • Loss of Use
    When your vehicle is in the repair shop, you may not be aware that your policy does not cover the expense of a rental car. This can result in lack of transport to work, picking up the children, and daily commutes. Rental car reimbursement is an additional coverage that can easily by added to your insurance policy.
  • Floods & Earthquakes
    Many homeowners are not aware that the damage caused from floods and earthquakes are not typically covered by home insurance. While many policies cover damages from theft, vandalism, and fire, earthquakes and floods are not covered and the damage that can occur can be devastating. Separate flood insurance and earthquake insurance policies must be attained.

Ensure that you receive a no-gap insurance policy so that you are protected in every turn in the road. Contact DG&M Insurance Agency for all of your insurances needs in Rochester, New York.