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3 Common Insurance Gaps

  Shed some light on upon your insurance gaps. By understanding your coverage in your policies, you are able to deduce where you are lacking in coverage. It is best to know what protection you are missing so that you are able to focus on acquiring full coverage for all of your assets. Below are Read More

Halloween Safety Tips!

Leaving Your Home Safe While On Vacation

The safety of your home in Rochester, NY can be put at risk while you are away. While you are on vacation, you want to ensure that your home is safe from all risks of peril. When coming home from a honeymoon, safari, or cruise is difficult enough, returning to a destroyed or damage home Read More

Your Business Protection Against Fraudulent Credit Cards

When your business encounters fraudulent credit cards, it needs the proper protection. Since October 1, 2015, most credit card issuers will have sent out the chip-enabled credit cards to customers. This is important as the financial institutions are switching from magnetic stripe cards to EMV chip cards to help reduce card-present fraud and bolster security Read More

Contingent Workforce for Small Businesses

Your business workforce can be maintained through a contingent. A small but mighty workforce can help your small business to grow! The contingent workforce is defined as the practice of more employers utilizing workers on a non-permanent basis. As a small business owner, you can tap into this service instead of employing a traditional, full-time Read More