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Risks of Being Uninsured

Don’t have life, disability, or long-term care insurance? Know how this affects you! When it comes to life insurance, disability insurance, and long-term care insurance, a lot of people decide to opt out of coverage on these important matters. You may find that you simply don’t have the budget to afford what can be viewed Read More

Increase Workplace Wellness

Lift Workplace Morale with Improved Workplace Wellness Every business owner should realize that having happy and healthy employees does make for a more pleasant workforce, but it also increases success for the company. The importance of workplace wellness is essential as you are only as strong as the people running your operations. Here are a few Read More

How to Handle a Passenger Falling from Your Boat

If a passenger goes overboard  on my boat, what should I do? What is more enjoyable than taking your boat out in the summer sun, relaxing, and taking in the scenery? For all boat-owners, this is truly fun and pleasing. The quickest way to ruin the day is for one of your passengers to fall Read More

Protect Your Business Before & After A Disaster

When tragedy strikes, be sure your company is properly prepared Business continuity planning is the process of identifying the parts of your company that are most vulnerable in order to create a plan to recover them if a business interruption happens. Natural disasters, major power outages, hurricanes, and floods are all real threats and can Read More